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Our Facilities

We have kennels in various sizes to suit different breeds of dogs.

Most of our kennels consist of a room, a veranda and an open area, so our guests can choose if they want privacy or if they prefer they can interact with the dog next door.
All our kennels can accommodate up to three guests from the one family.
Even our "small" kennels are often considered large by comparison with other establishments. The majority of our kennels are outside kennels, however we do have some indoor kennels, which come in handy during very hot or cold weather.

All the outside kennels have spray misters which come on during very hot weather. All our guests sleep on stretcher beds, but some of our regulars bring their own beds. Blankets and toys are encouraged but we cannot take responsibility if they become soiled, damaged or lost. We believe that exercise is as important as a comfortable kennel.  We have 10 individual exercise runs, they are all sand based and 50 metres long. The dogs love running up and down these runs and encourage each other to join in. It's great to watch the dogs running and playing on the sand.  Some dogs are shy at first, so we go in with them and run with them. After a day or two they can't wait to go for a run.